Comprehensive labor advice

We offer practical, creative and innovative advice on both individual and collective labor matters.

Our approach is based on a deep knowledge of labor law and jurisprudence. We actively contribute to the strategic decision making process within the companies, in order to minimize risks, building labor relations based on trust, always in line with the objectives and the specific activity developed by each of our clients.


Our team has a recognized trajectory and experience in labor litigation throughout the country in matters of individual labor law, fundamental rights, dismissal proceedings to lift trade union  immunity, union organizations, administrative sanctions and, in general, all types of contentious matters.

We carefully study the subject matter of the conflict, define strategies based on the dynamics and work methods of the client, and we measure risks, in order to generate a solid legal defense that is both legally sound and concerned with practical details.

Collective bargaining

We advise our clients in the daily relationship with labor unions, promoting good practices and dialogue, thus preventing possible labor-related issues.

We have vast experience in collective bargaining processes in large and medium-sized companies in different economic areas.

We offer support to our clients throughout the entire negotiation process, standing out not only for the preparation and conclusion of collective bargaining agreements, but above all, by contributing to negotiation strategies, always looking for innovative solutions that will benefit the employees and that are of direct relevance to the business.

We are aware of the critical importance of operational continuity and we give it the relevance it has within the advice we provide in all stages of the process.


We advise clients in the processing of visas, residency and work permits for their expatriates or temporary personnel in Chile. As part of our comprehensive advice, we also assess the optimal pension regime  of the staff concerned, both in Chile and abroad.

Compliance and labor due diligence

We have broad experience offering solutions in labor compliance and in due diligence processes or audits. We advise domestic and foreign companies, thereby gaining a detailed knowledge of the relevant aspects, contingencies and risks, both in transactions and in the collection of information within the organizations.


Our team has vast experience in advising management and boards of directors on the labor aspects of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues. We provide effective solutions that have a positive impact on the work style and teams, contributing to the productive efficiency of the company.